Earn Money Online from Books | घर बैठे कमाओ किताबों से | by Him eesh Madaan

October 8, 2022 by No Comments

Earn upto 1 Lakh per month while working from home.

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You must’ve heard that Books are a sea of knowledge but do you know they can also be a great source of income? Yes, if you want you can get rich from books while getting loads of knowledge from them.
In this video Him eesh Madaan, India’s leading Motivational Speaker and Performance Coach, brings you a digital opportunity that is making people earn in lakhs and millions. There are thousands of YouTube creators that have chosen this opportunity, which is Booktubing.
It means making videos related to books and earning through them. In this video we guide you step by step in a total of 4 phases, from starting your YouTube channel to earning from videos and becoming an entrepreneur. We take examples of youtube creators like Seeken, Helly, Indian booktuber, ReadByZoe, Emmabooks etc. who have mastered this art and are successful pioneers. So you can also follow this path to succeed.

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