How to Start a Business: Register a business in the USA focusing on Florida, Pennsylvania and Texas.

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This is the beginner of a series of videos that will focus on starting your business. Learn how to start a business. Jean Juchnowicz and Wayne Leiser take you through the process and explain what the different terminology means on the states websites. Starting a business is not an easy task and can easily become very confusing but we take you through the overview of the states websites focusing on Texas, Florida and Pennsylvania but do provide information for other states as well.

The SoloBoss team makes it easy to start a business. We take it step by step and show and explain the procedures for starting a business in Texas, Florida, and Pennsylvania. We also show what people in the rest of the states can do to start their business.

There is a lot to think about when starting a business and we guide you through it step by step. This is the first video in a series to help you start a business in your state.

Helpful Website


Official State Website Links
Alabama –
Alaska –
Arizona –
Arkansas –
California –
Colorado –
Connecticut –
Delaware –
District of Columbia –
Florida –
Georgia –
Hawaii –
Idaho –
Illinois –
Indiana –
Iowa –
Kansas –
Kentucky –
Louisiana –
Maine –
Maryland –
Massachusetts –
Michigan –,4669,7-192-41009-2229–,00.html
Minnesota –
Mississippi –
Missouri –
Montana –
Nebraska –
Nevada –
New Hampshire –
New Jersey –
New Mexico –
New York –
North Carolina –
North Dakota –
Ohio –
Oklahoma –
Oregon –
Pennsylvania –
Puerto Rico –
Rhode Island –
South Carolina –
South Dakota –
Tennessee –
Texas –
Vermont –
Virginia –
Washington ––start.aspx
West Virginia –
Wisconsin –
Wyoming –

00:00 Starting a Business
00:30 Introducing Jean and Wayne
00:41 Video Topics Discussion
02:00 Trademark Basics
02:54 Links to State Websites
03:09 Website Disclosure
03:24 Starting a Business in Texas
05:55 Starting a Business in Florida
12:59 Starting a Business in Pennsylvania
15:16 Scams
16:52 Please consider subscribing

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