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October 29, 2022 by No Comments

When stepping out into the entrepreneurial world, you’re looking for a business that offers the most powerful advantages to you. That business is Oxi Fresh.

Oxi Fresh is a cleaning system proven to give powerful results. Oxi Fresh uses an oxygen powered process, making it an eco friendly and safe cleaning option for carpets and beyond. In fact, Oxi Fresh is an ideal cleaning solution for residential and commercial properties, and is a highly effective cleaning solution for carpets, tile and grout, pet stains and odor, and wood floors.

Oxi Fresh’s ingredients aren’t the only thing that makes us eco-friendly. While regular steam cleaners waste large amounts of water, Oxi Fresh’s system conserves up to 95% of the water steam cleaners waste.

Other carpet cleaning methods can leave floors crunchy or sticky and commonly take over 24 hours to dry. Not Oxi Fresh! Oxi Fresh floors are left clean and soft, and carpets cleaned with the Oxi Fresh system dry in about an hour!

Oxi Fresh is a powerful product to be sure, and the support we offer our franchisees is no different. We have a Home Team ready to help you as you build your business. We equip you with systems and tools to help you be able to focus on growth instead of the day to day grind.

One of these tools is our Scheduling Center. The in house team at the Scheduling Center will handle all of your client calls and questions, saving you precious time you can spend growing your business.

Oxi Fresh also offers high quality marketing campaign templates ready to be used by you. These tools will help you take the guesswork out of marketing. And once your business is up and running, you’ve got more tools at hand to help you pursue your dreams– from automated postcards for your customers, to automated marketing reports, to online training courses for your technicians, there’s no end to the amount of resources our Home Team provides for you as a franchisee.

Oxi Fresh is equipped with the advantages you’re looking for as an entrepreneur. Come check us out at to get started today. If you’d like to schedule a cleaning, visit our online scheduler at


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