MSP Business School ep84 – What Should We Be Thinking About In 2022?

December 1, 2022 by No Comments

Welcome to MSP Business School’s first episode of 2022!

We made it through another year, and as we look forward to this new year bringing a bit more normalcy and stability as the pandemic continues to wane, we wanted to share the top three things we believe MSPs should be thinking about in 2022.

2:10 – Robb starts us off by sharing his thoughts about the current landscape of sales and how to have an advantage in 2022. He stresses the importance of sales teams working in concert with their marketing team to create a multi-pronged approach to sales, exploring the role research should play in today’s cold calling strategy.

5:28 – Robb further explains the importance of research when it comes to sales in our current climate, highlighting the fact that a salesperson can no longer build brand awareness through telemarketing alone. Robb, Tim, and Brian discuss tools that salespeople can implement to automate certain elements of the sales process and coordinate their efforts with the marketing team.

8:44 – Tim shares a new development in cyber security that he believes could be a game changer for MSPs, their clients, and their partners in 2022. He talks about the opportunities available to MSPs who are willing to embrace new tools in our cloud-first world and how salespeople can use these new technologies to separate their MSPs from the competition.

14:15 – Brian presents his thoughts about how to greatly increase an MSP’s value with their clients by transitioning into a role that’s closer to a consultant or project manager. Rather than relying on the selling points of the past, helping businesses navigate concepts they may not understand and guiding them to the technology of tomorrow will not only increase revenue, but will also help deepen and strengthen an MSP’s relationships with its clients.

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