Restaurant Franchise Manager

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Restaurant Franchise Manager
Training is a critical part of your restaurant staffing system. One of the most influential components of a training program is the trainer.This course will show you how to powerfully and systematically enhance your employee training by dramatically improving the capability of your managers and staff trainers to deliver training at the highest levels and support a culture of employee and restaurant growth. This course will provide managers and trainers with the tools and resources needed to train employees by integrating proven training techniques and best practices. By building your internal capability to deliver training, your managers and trainers will have the necessary tools and resources to meet your restaurant’s current and future training needs and challenges. Managers prefer online training for a variety of reasons. Beyond its cost-effectiveness and convenience — employees can access virtual learning anytime — it allows employees of all levels who are interested in taking on more responsibility to design their own training program.He says that the right employees love using online training systems because they get the information they need to be successful. Typically, staff will go home after a shift and log in and spend 20-40 minutes reviewing courses. They peruse that education even in their own time because they want to succeed.
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