Top 3 Fast Food Franchise To Start With No Money

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My main questions when making this video and finding the best fast food franchises was simple. I wanted to know how easy it would be to get started, How much it would cost and ofcourse how much money I could possible make. ( and today, I’m going to answer all those questions with the top 3 franchises )

However, before I get started, I do want to say something things. I always here and see stories about people starting businesses without having any experience and then loosing a ton of money. Don’t be stupid. If you want to start a business, the best way to learn is to work at the company and start from 0. So do that.

Second thing: this is not a passive income business initially, it requires work, hiring the right people, you bring involved and being a CEO. Just because you have the Mcdonalds logo, wendys or burgerking, it wont mean the burgers are going to sell themselves. They require you and a good team.

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1. Chick-fil a
– I’ve eating their a few times and its always been very quick, food quality is great but most important the employees atleast in new York are solid
– They are always closed on Sundays ( Day of rest or Worship )
– And last year in 2020, they made around 4.3Billion dollars. But they make it very clear that owning one of their franchises is not a passive income venture, it’s a full time hands on gig.

Here is the info you want to know:
– Initial Cost is $10k Us dollars or 15k Canadian Dollars ( franchise fee)
– It is hard to get picked (20k Applicants and only .04% get it) and thorough ( usually takes from 12-24 months )
– You will actually be an Operator not a franchisee

Your pay:
– comes from the revenue, about 5-10% of the revenue is yours
– and according to google the average restaurant makes 5.3Million
– So 5% of that is $265k a year ( not bad but remember this takes work and is not guaranteed)

– Your buying a very good well paying job
– And chick-fil-a is buying the location, maintaining all ownership
– And it easier to get into hardvard than it is to get into chick-fil a

2. McDonalds
– I know, its big and its massive, but it is possible to get one ( it just depend on when you live)
– Don’t forget Mcdonalds is world wide
– And yes you are a legit Franchisee ( fun fact theirs a mcdonalds restaurant opened every 14.5 hours)

– You have to have liquid assets of around $500k
– Construction will cost 1-2.2Million dollars and you have to pay the initial 40% with cash and then the other you can financed)

– Franchise Fee of $45,000
– Royalty to them of 4% of gross monthly sales
– And also a rent to the company of average 10.7%

– It depends on the location
– Some might make 150k and some might make a lot more
– One thing is for sure you need deep pockets to get started

Alternative: Buy a good location, this will give you historical income, pre build location and customer base.

3. Subway
– Why subway as the last one, because its honestly one of the most affordable ones that can make you a good amount of money
– That’s why you see so many of them, and they require very little space

– Have a net worth of $80k

– Franchise Fee: $15,000
– Initial investment of 116k-$263k ( real estate, signs and so on – that’s why it varies so much)
– Weekly fee o 12.5% of gross sales ( 8% franchise royalty and 4.5% advertising )

– On average they generate $417k a year






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