VOIP Network Phone Design and Implementation Service

December 12, 2022 by No Comments


Is VOIP (Voice over internet Protocol) the right solution for you? We can take a look at your current phone system and bill and compare not only the cost benefit but also features including:
1. Softphone (cell phone) integration
2. Auto attendant setup
3. Call routing
4. Call Center integration
5. Outlook and Web integration
Our team can design, implement and install VOIP phone systems that integrate with your current wiring and network infrastructure.

It is crucial to have open lines of communication with clients. Today, business are leveraging Voice Over Internet Protocol, otherwise known as VOIP,

With all of the additional features available today, you have to ask yourself…am I making the most out of my VOIP system?

When it comes to phone services for your business, VOIP goes above and beyond your traditional landline. It provides businesses with far more robust features like… allowing remote users to have phone extensions, filter options that forward calls to different numbers, and convert voicemail to email.

At IT proactive, we begin our VOIP integration with a network assessment. We make sure to verify that your network can support all necessary VOIP protocols, ensuring that your network infrastructure is architecturally compatible with VOIP traffic. We check your installed WAN technologies for compatibility, and lastly we investigate any technical difficulties such as delay or jitter that can impede voice quality.

Then it’s time to decide whether an on premise or hosted solution is the most cost effective and provides the highest ROI for your company.

If telecommunications is not a core competency of your business, and you require robust features of an enterprise wide telecommunication system, hosted VOIP is the service for you.

At IT Proactive, we can design a dynamic solution that meets your needs.