Your Managed Service Provider (MSP) For CMMC 2.0

December 10, 2022 by No Comments

Is your company suffering from dry, bland, crusty compliance issues?

Managing #CMMC 2.0 and #DFARS #Cybersecurity mandates requires aerospace & defense contractors in the DIB to properly store and process sensitive data such as CUI. Meeting NIST 800-171 typically requires outsourcing managed services which can lead to confusion about who is responsible for what when it comes to compliance.

Using a unique blend of ingredients the Summit 7 SAWCE is made up a handcrafted Shared Responsibility Matrix, 24/7 Premier Support, a FedRAMP High Data Center and so much more!

Slather your I.T. environment in premium security compliance services knowing that the #1 MSP for the DIB has you covered.

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